Tag: Hidden Object

Incredible Items Hidden Games This is one of the famous museums and we are very happy to be here. Let’s take a look at all these beautiful objects together.
Messy Artist Hidden Games The old messy artist can’t remember where he left his painting supplies. Let’s take a look and try to solve the problem.
False Truth Hidden Games Show your detective skills in this challenging game and find evidence to help free an innocent person from prison.
Old Royal Rings Hidden Games There is a story about some old royal rings that have special powers. You are now searching for the truth behind this legend.
High School Mission Hidden Games A few days ago, some valuable items were stolen from our high school. I need your help to catch the thieves.
Trust No One Hidden Games My friend, you have to hide somewhere. Some dangerous gangsters follow your every move. Trust no one!
The Crime Hunter Hidden Games Your task as a detective is to search the home of one gang member. Try to find evidence of criminal activity.
Train Mystery Hidden Games Something strange is happening at this train station. Take a look around and see if you can solve the mystery.
Garage Sale Treasure Hidden Games It seems to me that there will be a lot of valuable items on this garage sale. You better hurry so you're not late!
Final Evidence Hidden Games The lawyer claims that his client was not even close to the hotel at the time of robbery. We need your help to find some evidence.