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Hidden Games

Hidden Emeralds Hidden Games Show your skills in this fun game and see if you can find the priceless emeralds that are hidden in the abandoned mine.
The Neighborhood Thief Hidden Games Someone is stealing things from my yard overnight. Looks like we have a thief in the neighborhood. Can you help me find him?
Village of Thieves Hidden Games You are a brave adventurer who is trying to catch the thieves. Those thieves operate through the village, stealing the valuable things.
The Old Immortal Gods Hidden Games Prepare yourself to explore the holly forest of the old immortal gods. Follow the clues and find some magic items.
Cooking Day Hidden Games Are you ready for a cooking challenge? Show your skills and see if you can find all the ingredients from the list.
The Art of Forgery Hidden Games Your task as an expert is to help the police catch the famous art forger. Take a look around and try to find some clues.
Precious Book Hidden Games Your task is to find a very precious book that is hidden somewhere in the rooms of this old village house.
Self-Playing Piano Hidden Games Investigate the abandoned piano factory. The constant sound of a piano being played from inside the factory. Can you solve the mystery?
Culinary Days Hidden Games You are invited to attend the following culinary workshop series. Complete different levels to prove that you are a master chef.
Garden Mysteries Hidden Games Something strange is happening in this beautiful garden. Follow the footprints and try to solve the mystery.